THE MMC serves from pre school - sixth grade.

Primary Program

Children at this level are focused on self-development. Pre-school aged children are trying to develop organized and efficient actions for dealing with their immediate environment. They have a need to explore, discover, and manipulate their environment. It is through the work of their hands that these children will develop independence, confidence, and a love of learning–all of which are crucial to the formation of their intellect. The environment at the Maria Montessori Center is specifically designed with the manipulative needs of the child in mind. The classroom environment is divided into specific curriculum areas, including the following Practical Life, Language, Math, Science and Geography. 

 Lower Elementary Program: 

At the elementary level are entering a period of great physical and intellectual change. This period is also characterized by great curiosity; children are no longer satisfied with basic information. They want to know “why.” They are fascinated by the immensely huge and the infinitesimal.

The Montessori elementary curriculum begins to present the universe to the and the whole of history. These large concepts spark the child’s imagination and help motivate further research. The elementary classroom is very much a community of children. Students assist one another in asking question and searching for answers, while they pursue purposeful work in small groups, with partners, or independently. They help establish the rules of the class, maintain the classroom, and act in leadership roles.

 Upper Elementary program: 

Upper elementary is an exciting time for students. They have become more independent and have moved beyond the “younger” divisions. They are well on their way to building a strong academic rapport and are displaying much more independence. Learning is more rooted in a formal curriculum and although academics are the key priority, students continue to enjoy a well-rounded approach to learning through hands-on, student-centered materials and extra-curricular activities.

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