Lara's Parent

“When we first visited the Maria Montessori Center, we felt comfortable and welcomed. Our daughter Lara liked it and wanted to stay that day. When we left, both my husband and I said this is the school and environment where we want our daughter to attend. We love the Montessori way of educating the little souls and help them growing up with good education, manners, values, and life skills and experiences. We are so happy and appreciative to see our daughter Lara enjoy learning in many different ways. A very big thank you to all MMC staff for all their hard work, and their real love and care about my daughter and all other children. We wouldn’t think of a better place to give our daughter a head start in life.”


Iman's Parents

"Our daughter has been a student at Maria Montessori for the past two years. She is a pre-k student and absolutely loves her school, teachers, and peers.
We are so happy with this school and the wonderful staff. The head pre-k teachers are experienced and make the child feel at ease.
We have seen tremendous growth in our daughter and are grateful to the loving staff and her teachers. We feel montessori students thrive and develop strong characteristics that help them problem solve and grow as individuals."
We highly recommend this school!

 Anonymous Parent

My family and I have been with the Maria Montessori Center for over 10 years. We are
extremely happy and confident in the education provided by the Teachers in this
esteemed establishment. It is always a pleasure to step into this school and see all the
friendly teachers and staff who have become more of a family for us. My children enjoy
coming here and learning with the use of hands-on material, which is unique to the
Montessori method of learning. I look forward to continuing my connection with this

MMC Students Testimonials

The MMC is a very nice school. It teaches good life lessons. MMC teaches discipline that will help you in the future. I have learned a lot from the MMC. The MMC has many materials to help you learn, also it has many fun events. I have enjoyed my time at the MMC. The MMC is awesome.  – ABHIRAM

The MMC is an amazing place where they teach children: manners, behavior, math, Science, Language, Arts, History, and Geography. We enjoy learning new things every day. The Students are polite and help their friends and others, whenever they need help.  The Montessori method of teaching helps children to learn and make it easier for children to understand. Difficult concepts. – CHANDU

MMC is great. MMC has its grade level from Pre-K through 6th grade. It has so many materials to help you understand that didn’t get to understand. It teaches you so many life lessons. MMC teaches you discipline and hoe life works. I have learned a lot from this school. MMC is the best. – SUHRUTH

The MMC is a great school. We have an awesome principal, who bought us a model skeleton The MMC teaches you: Math, Language, Social Studies, and Science. We are kind to each other. MMC has no bullying rule. We use materials to understand the concept. Come to the Maria Montessori Center.  – YUNUS


 Setting up your home for Montessori children

MMC is great school which teaches you education using hands on materials. It has awesome teachers. The MMC has a great record of polite students. I recommend anyone to the Maria Montessori Center because it is an honest, polite, friendly experience for everybody. Please join the MMC today. – JEREMY


The MMC is awesome. It’s a very good school because everyday you learn some thing new. All teachers are very nice, and they help you if you don’t understand a new concept. You also make many friends, and your friends are always nice. You also get recess. At recess you can play with your friends. You get privileges, but you must work hard for them. The MMC is impartial, and it is a very fun school. – SRIJA


The MMC is awesome! It is awesome because you learn something new every day. Everyone does something different at the same time, and you learn using materials, not books which help you learn faster. The teachers are very nice and if you don’t understand something, they will explain it to you until you get it.  – NIDHI

Toddler Care Program

The toddler program is served from ages 19 months to 3 years. In a Montessori environment, your  toddler will be with teachers—loving, nurturing, and rigorously trained in child development—who create peaceful, supportive, and safe environments for our youngest children. In these spaces, a child’s natural passion for wonder, curiosity, exploration, and discovery comes alive.

Primary Care Education

The primary program is served from ages 3 year to 6 years. It concentrates on building skills including early literacy, logical  thinking, problem solving, social understanding physical coordination and creativity. This program is offered on half day or full days  basis.

This is taken place in a specialized environment utilizing a Montessori materials and lessons, to open the world to children through hands on learning

Lower Elementary

The lower elementary program enhances and expands skills from 1st grade to 3rd grade.  Children are now exposed to more advanced mathematical operations, in-depth literacy comprehension and extended  vocabulary, together with further exploration of science, geographic studies, technology and Spanish. Children receive individualized instructions to maximize learning and encourage strong study skills. The MMC curriculum meets or exceeds state standards.

Upper Elementary

The upper elementary  program is built for 4th grade to 6th grade. The children in these grades learn band and music and also spanish language.History - early civilization, world history, Michigan history, civics and Geography. Mathematics - arithmetic, algebra, plane and solid geometry, computation skills and problem-solving strategies.Science - Earth Science, life science,  physical science, circulatory system, and laws of motion

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