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Communicable Disease Response Plan (CDRP)

The Communicable Disease Risk Plan has 4 different stages to protect the MMC from contracting and/or spreading COVID-19 or other viruses. The 1st stage is Blue, where everything goes on as normal and everyone is warned of the virus and reminded of basic hygiene. The 2nd stage is Green, where everything still goes on as normal and everyone practices basic hygiene and are isolated if they have signs of symptoms. Children, staff, and others visiting the MMC stay home if they are symptomatic. The 3rd stage is Yellow when only MMC students are allowed in the school. Children practice social distancing, basic hygiene, less social interaction, and wear masks. The school is disinfected, only mandatory events are held, and students and teachers prepare for Google Classroom implementation. The last, and 4th stage is Red, where the school is closed and Distance Learning/Home Learning Plan is implemented. Students and staff are in quarantine, where they use Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Google Hangouts for learning. The MMC is fully sanitized and disinfected, making it ready and safe to enter again when normal school resumes.

Health and Safety Measures 

Since COVID-19 is a novel virus with no vaccination and/or known immunity, social distancing measures, infection control practices and sanitation are our absolutely best defenses. The MMC will re-open all school programs at the direction of the Governor of Michigan and LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs). The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that, when the MMC returns to campus, the adults and children are taking every reasonable precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The measures outlined below will remain in effect until formally lifted at the direction of the Headmaster and announced publicly.

Montessori Distance Handbook 

The current stay-at-home regime has wiped out the academic routine for our children, just as it has radically altered the routines of our parents, staff, and faculty. We cannot hold our breath and wait for the healthcare emergency to dissipate. The purpose of the “Montessori at a Distance” Program is to allow us all to gain a measure of control over our lives and provide the nurturing environment parents have come to expect from their child’s Montessori classroom. The MMC Management & faculty has developed a plan to replicate, using a blend of electronic media, the Montessori curriculum, and environment that your children have enjoyed this year.

School Policy/Procedure update regarding Covid19 for Fall 2020

Following are MMC’s updated policies and procedures, to meet the requirements and keep all of us safe while educating our children, based on the MI Safe Schools: Return to School Roadmap. So much of what school will look like in the fall depends directly on what stage of our State’s recovery we are in (Phase 1-6). Regardless of whether our school does virtual learning or in person, students will be required to attend all five days. They will have a structured schedule which will involve them from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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