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Implementation of Distance Learning at MMC

The Maria Montessori Center (Toddler - 6th Grade) actually moved quickly and provided work for all the students before MMC closed on March 16th, 2020. Within a couple of weeks, March 26th 2020, MMC implemented the Google G-Suite. Using this new approach.
Assignments were made available on Google Classroom and the school’s existing online learning classroom group spaces.
Teachers used a variety of online instructional tools and a mix of video instruction, real-time Google Hangout meetings and other programs for educators and students. Parents and students were provided specific instructions to be prepared in advance of the rollout.
Technology Helpline was made available via Google Forms, so Parents, Teachers and Students could post their issues and they were resolved within 4 hours or less.
The students of The Maria Montessori Center are those fortunate enough to attend a school able to offer online learning during the statewide quarantine, this week is the beginning of a ‘new normal’ in learning. As we adapt to this instructional method of Learning, it is imperative that we keep in mind, that Online Learning is not any less, but it's only different.  The Teachers are continuing the curriculum from the point in Time, where classroom instruction had to be paused.
Some local private and charter schools are still in the planning stages to transition to online classes and are conducting test runs, while others are going live for the first time this week. The new approach amounts to a massive educational experiment that is already leading to learning's around best practices and important new relationships on the other side of the country.

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