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Lower Elementary

      Our Lower Elementary consists of children in 1st grade to 3rd grade. Each grade level meets separately. Their google classroom content does not differ from their actual classroom.  They have presented reading comprehension, math, science (botany/zoology), Wordly Wise, and spelling lessons. Just as we do at school, research topics are assigned weekly and children are able to gather information and present their findings in a presentation to the class online.  This continues, in a fun and creative way, the child’s desire to constantly seek out knowledge and share with others.  We are grateful to our parents who help the children set up methods organization at home and prepare for their online classes.  Many of our parents sit with their children during their online classes every day.  A big thanks to the teachers for consistently finding fun and interesting ways to present material and keep the children engaged! A big thanks to all the teachers to constantly keep the class engaged and practicing the ITBS (Iowa Test Basic Skills) testing with third graders onwards. A similar approach of creating Montessori Materials at home was also implemented at the Lower Elementary, using paper and some materials easily available at home, with proper directions. 
      It was required to keep them constantly busy with work being uploaded to their Google classroom, which was assigned due dates with ample time, in order for them to have them done and go over them, during the daily live sessions for their correctness and reasoning for the same. It was imperative to keep them busy, in order to ensure that the assigned curriculum was completed, if not which may have some ramifications when these children moved to the next grades.


Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Ben Mullins
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