Parent Portal: This Portal is used by only the exisiting parents 

Student Parent Handbook

 All parents are provided with the Student parent Handbook at the starting of the school year. The same copy is always available at MMC office if for any reason it needs to be referred. Please contact the office for any questions related regarding the school policies and rules to be followed which are in turn followed as per the student parent handbook. 

School Calendar

   School Calendar is always posted under the parents portal under school calendar. The yearly school calendar is provided on the first day of the school. Monthly School calendar is mailed and posted on the website every first week of the month.  



FACTS is the Tuition Management System which is adapted by The Maria Montessori Center. This is a one stop shop for all payments made to MMC. It is a very versatile and easy to use Payment System for families and the school Administration at the same time. It streamlines the Admission and Enrollment process and improves the communication with the families at the center with respect the billing, Invoicing, ACH Deposit, offers different payment methods, which helps in the clear transparency between the Parents and the Center’s administration department. Its as easy as creating a Login Account and setting up the payment process based on the installment plans you have selected. 

 Field Trips 

  MMC offers field trips from grade 1- 6. The permission slip and information about the field trips are 

Open House


Toddler Care Program

The toddler program is served from ages 19 months to 3 years. In a Montessori environment, your  toddler will be with teachers—loving, nurturing, and rigorously trained in child development—who create peaceful, supportive, and safe environments for our youngest children. In these spaces, a child’s natural passion for wonder, curiosity, exploration, and discovery comes alive.

Primary Care Education

The primary program is served from ages 3 year to 6 years. It concentrates on building skills including early literacy, logical  thinking, problem solving, social understanding physical coordination and creativity. This program is offered on half day or full days  basis.

This is taken place in a specialized environment utilizing a Montessori materials and lessons, to open the world to children through hands on learning

Lower Elementary

The lower elementary program enhances and expands skills from 1st grade to 3rd grade.  Children are now exposed to more advanced mathematical operations, in-depth literacy comprehension and extended  vocabulary, together with further exploration of science, geographic studies, technology and Spanish. Children receive individualized instructions to maximize learning and encourage strong study skills. The MMC curriculum meets or exceeds state standards.

Upper Elementary

The upper elementary  program is built for 4th grade to 6th grade. The children in these grades learn band and music and also spanish language.History - early civilization, world history, Michigan history, civics and Geography. Mathematics - arithmetic, algebra, plane and solid geometry, computation skills and problem-solving strategies.Science - Earth Science, life science,  physical science, circulatory system, and laws of motion

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