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Making My Way With Montessori at The MMC - Post #3

Hey Everybody! Your week should have been amazing and if it wasn't, that is all right because we all have off days sometimes. First off, I am sorry for not posting last week, I was trying to plan the measures that needed to be taken to implement in The MMC for this summer and next year. This week we will be talking about summer plans. I personally am occupied with so many courses and setting up the school that I know I will most likely not have time to breathe. But, with that being said, I will make sure to take at least a total of two weeks off somewhere in the summer so that I can focus on myself and bring back my motivation to work and prevent burning out. I think everyone should take some time to themselves this summer, it doesn't have to be exactly two weeks, it can be longer or shorter, depending on your life but still taking that time will help you refresh your mind and hopefully look at your life in a new perspective which will almost always be beneficial.

Also, The MMC is now offering Virtual Tours !!!!!! Call 248-851-9695 and book yours today.

As usual if you have any questions or comments, put them down below and we will answer them in our next post :) Bye!


Activities of the Week:

  1. Write a story that starts like this: “It had been raining for an hour when…”

  2. Create your own cartoon/comic

  3. Cut pieces of paper into strips and staple the two short ends and interlock them to make a chain. On each strip, write one thing you are grateful for every day.


Article of the Week:


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