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Welcome to Making My Way With Montessori at The MMC - Post #1

Hi Everyone! We at The MMC hope that you all are safe. The purpose of this blog is to give the community some tips and tricks for helping your child grow with Montessori. Due to this pandemic, we are completing online school in lieu of physical school but the children at The MMC are still building their Montessori foundation. If you have any questions or comments, put them down below and we will answer them in our next post. Have a nice day :)

P.S. We will be posting every Friday.


Every post, we will give you three activities to do with your family.

Today's three things are:

1. Interview your family and make a family newspaper.

2. Make a botany map of your favorite park. Place each plant in its place on the map and label each plant with its common name. Can you also find out the scientific names of the plants?

3. Write an “I love you” letter to your friends and relatives.


Here is an article on how Montessori methods stimulate a child's brain.


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