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Upper Elementary

      Upper Elementary are the ones who are ready to take on challenges, in order to explore the new features of today's technology. They are at the most vulnerable age, with different distractions  These are our proud 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. They are engaged in everyday Math, Science, and English Language literature classes. The group of teachers has a well-coordinated schedule, during which they spend a prolific amount of time with each grade.  
      These children have classes almost back to back on a daily schedule, 90% of which are live sessions via Google Hangouts, during which they are either presenting the hypothesis of different research projects and assignments they have been assigned. They also have several group discussions with their groups on their respective projects.
All their assigned teachers make sure, their classroom is always full with different Home Work, assignments, essays, research topics and their responses to these
      The google classroom and emails are filled with different grades and show their schedule with a good amount of hard work. In addition to this their science and math projects are incredible. Our staff is keeping them busy with them day and night.

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