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The Maria Montessori Center Mission

Silent Journey & Discovery

was a Huge Success 

The Maria Montessori Center community works to create an environment that inspires children to develop inner discipline, self-assurance and a love of learning.  We respect the uniqueness of each student by helping each child to develop skills at periods of greatest readiness and sensitivity.  Through the dynamic partnership of child, parent and teacher , a consistent Montessori framework for learning is developed, offering an "education for life."

 A big thanks to the former students for adding to the Silent Journey and Discovery event with their video. Thank you and appreciate your love for MMC. 

As Joe Martin Educator Motivator said " NOTHING is more rewarding to a teacher than having a former student return to say, " Thank you, you made the difference" . 

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A traditional Montessori School located in Farmington Hills, MI, educating our youth since 1981.


"Our Children succeed because we implement Equity in their education."


Our traditional Montessori school has teachers that are trained and certified by the Association of Montessori International (AMI) or American Montessori Society (AMS). We serve from toddlers to middle school.  

At The Maria Montessori Center we believe every child is a unique individual worthy of our respect, and guided through affirmative nurturing. 


Our goal is to help children develop personal confidence and valuable self-esteem in a warm and supportive environment.


As citizens of a global world, our students are taught to honor the rights and privileges of others, while celebrating and embracing diversity in all people.  We also believe our Earth and ecosystem require our care. Toward this end, children are taught to be good stewards of nature in all its forms.


Promoting dignity and fostering independence in children is the most important responsibility we have. We encourage close interaction between parents, teachers, and administration, working together as a team in our family-centered school community.

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